Sample Run (Unix / JDK 1.1)

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Note: If your browser supports color, some text on this page should appear in red. This was added to the HTML code after the fact to highlight certain information and was not produced by the program.

Also: All superscripts were added for footnote references and were not produced by the program.

Screen Output

This program writes a list of the current system properties
to a text file in the current directory.

Please enter a name for the text file: ABCD
  65  66  67  68  10 <-- ASCII codes input
  Length of input BEFORE removing line separator = 5
  Length of input AFTER  removing line separator = 4
  65  66  67  68 <-- ASCII codes retained

System properties written to ABCD

Notice that the keyboard buffer initially contained the ASCII codes for "ABCD" (65-68) plus the code 10 (the value of the line feed character, which is the Unix line separator).

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Contents of Output File

user.language = en
java.home = /usr/local/java/bin/..
java.vendor.url.bug =
file.encoding.pkg =
java.version = Linux_JDK_1.1.5_v7
file.separator = /1
line.separator = 102
file.encoding = 8859_1
java.vendor = Sun Microsystems Inc., ported by Randy Chapman and Steve Byrne
user.timezone = CST3 = scott
os.arch = x86 = Linux
java.vendor.url =
user.dir = /scott/cop2805/Project
java.class.path = .:/usr/local/java/bin/../classes:... (this line continues)
java.class.version = 45.3
os.version = 2.0.36
path.separator = :
user.home = /scott


  1. The Unix file separator (forward slash).
  2. Code for the Unix line separator (LF).
  3. The server where this ran is in Illinois (central time zone).

The list of system properties returned was much shorter than the list for the DOS run. I don't know if this was due to the platform or the fact that the program ran under Java 1.1 on the Unix computer and Java 1.2 on the DOS computer.

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